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Echo's ability to float in the air will increase your flight time outdoors and allow you to fly indoors in no time. Increasingly popular, domestic flying really makes you feel like you are doing one with the kite, the lines become extensions of your arms.

Well balanced for "Flat Spins", Bakkers' Echo de Paul is graceful and agile.

Rigid 0.125 "carbon tubing keeps the kite out of shape in light winds and makes it easier to launch and sting indoors.

In the open air, it flies effortlessly, even in winds from 0 to 1.6 km / h.


Size: 1.8m x 0.88m

Sailing: 6-oz. Icarex polyester

Frame: Carbon

Weight: Not available

Wind range: 0 to 11 km / h

Price: 195 $ CAD