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All models of Frielien/OSKUSA quadline kites feature sails sewn by master artisans.
All materials cut by computer guided laser, perfect everytime.

Invisiclear-no grind, no stretch, anti-wear strips. Kevlar center reinforcement. HP Core, sheathed, round braid, black bridle.

T2 wrapped graphite frame. Ultra light T0 frame also available.
Fold top canvas sleeve with mesh pocket. Extra endcap and bungee included.

Crafted with 1/2 oz. polycarbonate/icarex sail.

All wind ranges listed are a approximation.   The individual flyer's skill level, line weight, and line length will all have an affect on the kites actual wind range.  This fact applies to any multi line kite.


Winds: 7-20mph - 11-21 Km/h

Prix : 390 $