The workshop is a kite-making activity that contributes to the development of young people.

It allows children to express their creativity on universal themes that uphold educational values.

Children have fun drawing, coloring and creating images on a canvas and adding chopsticks and ribbons, they make their kites A @ Z. Once finished, their creations will fly in the sky.

The atmosphere of the workshops is warm and fun while trying to add an educational form. The attentive monitor will discover some important safety instructions for kite flying.


All the materials needed to make the kites, ie pre-cut cloths, chopsticks, ribbons, string reels and coloring pencils are provided. You simply have to put at our disposal chairs, tables, a room or a kiosk (if outside).Durée

Les ateliers animés dure environ de 60 minutes, ceci dépend du nombre de personnes et de la disponibilité des participants.



The animated workshops last about 60 minutes, depending on the number of people and the availability of participants.


Age and prerequisites

No prerequisites are necessary. (A parent or guardian is suggested with children under 4 years old).